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A Rant from a Short Lived Duchess (a reflection/response to Robert Brownings “My Last Duchess”)

There you stand my widowed duke

Look tired by the portrait you rebuke

Standing by the grace of once was me

You also stand with the man I once did see

How I loved that great young painter

It’s about time you’ve met a true love maker.

Duke you scolded my fun with loudened voice

What you didn’t know was you gave me no choice

You were so slow and so quick to tire

Asked me many the maids did, I am no liar

One as fair as I must have a kind of knight

One who in strong during the bedrooms fight.

As for my death, you will surly pay

For no I sleep with hades every night and day

He will follow you with me at his side

And it is from death you will never hide

Then you smile will stick to your face

Your heart stopped while loving a mistress in lace.

Yes I know of your adventures too

And yet it was not me in rage killed you

I remained quiet, I spoke not a spat

Retained high composure in the dinner chat

We will be together sooner than you thought

I know this for fact, hades was easily bought.

Homework now a Developing Hobby?

Student Writers Block

This poem right now is a big lost cause

Write about anything did they say

Yet I am still here in thought all day

My head in hands stuck on the poems laws

I’m a bear, fighting without sharp claws

Fuck A, B, B, A, A, B, B, A

The struggles real, my mind is astray

My life right now is but a long pause…

Wait, Wait, Wait! Now I think I have it!

Dragons, Music and my Secret Love

Tigers, Wolves and my new Favorite Game.

Shit, the laptop power has just quit

I hit every key with a small shove

Homework bare, Computers are to blame.


In the Dark Finding Myself

I am Jiovanny of mixed blood

My skin of dark caramel in shade

Man and women my gender made

Would I be Gay or Straight(ish) stud

Gods, help me find who I am in flood

It is to all of you I’ve prayed

Lost and broken I am portrayed

Spending life proving I am not mud.

In darkness, there sits my struggle

My body and mind fight a war

Yet it is each other they fight  

The Identities I juggle

They are chains to a granite floor

Keeping me safe from Social bite.


Hiding No Longer but Fighting

John is my name, it is who I am

(That’s my name in English anyway)

Born strong in the time of the Sun Ram

My great prank was I waited a day

Most ask if I am a Boy or Girl

I answer none, then add Two-Spirit

Most Sis-genders will hate, snarl and hurl

Then there are few who will honor it

Within my Big Eight, two are “good”

I am USian and Able Bodied plus mind

The other six, I’d change if I could

I’d be dominate in social kind

The US needs more Social Justice

Then hiding will not be a practice.

How Does Sex Relate To The Zodiac?


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